Parent / Guardian Feedback of our 2020 Community Hip Hop Programme

We would really appreciate it if you could give us 5-6 mins of your time to tell us about your experience having seen your child / grandchild / sibling / family member go through our 2020 Community Hip Hop programme.

Please note, unless you leave us your name or contact details in the comments section, this questionnaire is confidential so please be as open with us as you can.

    How did you first hear about our Royal Family 2020 Community Hip Hop Programme? (please select all that apply)

    What was the main reason you decided to let your child join the programme?

    Did you have any concerns about letting them attend the programme / or our van shuttle service (if used)?

    Which Community Hip Hop class were they enrolled in / representing?

    Was this a convenient location for you?

    Do you think representing their Community (Otara / Papatoetoe or Papakura or Mangere or Otahuhu or Manurewa) has had any impact on them? e.g. a deeper connection to the community, sense of pride, feeling of belonging etc

    Please select ALL of the programmes / workshops that your child attended

    Thinking of transport to the classes / workshops / showcase how did they get to / from the Community Classes? (Please select all that apply)

    What difference, if any, did having transport provided make to your child being able to attend?

    The classes, workshops, transport, showcase etc were all free (no cost to the parents/guardians or students) did this make a difference to your child being able to attend?

    What skills / experiences / opportunities if any, do you think the programme / workshop has given your child?

    Thinking of our communication with you (newsletters, emails, txts, phone calls etc) how important / helpful was this to you?

    Is there anything you would like to see us add to our 2021 Programme?

    If your child left, took a break or nearly dropped out of the programme/s what was the reason/s why? e.g. self confidence, other commitments etc. Please be as open with us as you can.

    Would you recommending the programme to another parent?

    What is the main reason for your answer above?

    Is there anything else you would like us to know or would like to add?