Dukes & Duchesses Academy

We hope you enjoyed the choreographers programme as much as we enjoyed having you and as always, we value your opinion so could you please take a moment to complete our short survey?

How did you get to and from The Palace?
The Palace vansPublic TransportI was dropped offI drove

Were the reminder / info TXTs from 3548 helpful?
yesnowhat txts?

Was having access to WIFI on Day 2 helpful?
YesNoI don't have a phone

Did having lunch provided make it easier to attend? (select all that apply)
Yep, because I didn't have time for breakfastYep, less to carryYep, I always forget lunchYep, and I brought my own food to keep my energy up

What did you like about the Dukes & Duchesses Academy?

What part was most useful for you?

Is there anything you think we could do to improve the program?

What are the 2 goals for you as a choreographer?

On a scale of 1 to 4 how much did you enjoy the last 2 days
1 - its was ok2 - it was good4 - it was GREAT5 - it was AMAZING

3 words that sum up how you feel after completing the programme?

Any other comments?

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