2020 Community Hip Hop Dancer Feedback

At some stage during 2020 you were enrolled in The Royal Family Community Hip Hop Classes so we would appreciate it if you could give us 5-6 mins of your time to tell us about your experience

Unless you leave us your name or contact details in the comments your feedback is completely confidential 🙂

    How did you first hear about the 2020 Community Hip Hop Programme? (please select all that apply)

    What was the main reason you wanted to join The Royal Family Community Hip Hop programme in 2020?

    If your parents / guardians / family had any concerns about letting you attend the programme could you please explain what these were?

    Which Community Class were you enrolled in?

    Do you think representing your Community (selected above) made a difference to how you feel about your community? e.g. sense of pride, feeling of belonging etc

    Please select ALL of the Community Hip Hop programmes / workshops you attended

    Thinking of transport to the classes / workshops / showcase how did you get to / from the Community Classes? (Please select all that apply)

    If transport wasn't provide, would you still have been able to attend?

    The Community Hop Hip programme, workshops and transport were free, if they weren't, do you think you would still have been able to attend?

    Did having access to Isla & Teesha's videos during the COVID lockdowns make a difference? If so, in what way/s? e.g. feeling connected, something to do, keep learning / practice the sets, helped to deal with stress or anxiety etc?

    What was the hardest or most challenging part about attending the programme? (this doesn't have to be dance related, it could family / work, making a commitment to your team)

    if you could change one thing about the programme, what would it be?

    What do you think the programme has taught you about yourself?

    If you were talking to a friend about the programme, how would you describe it?

    If you left, took a break or nearly dropped out of the programme what was the reason/s why? e.g. self confidence, work / family / school / church / sport / other commitments etc. Please be as open with us as you can.

    We communicated with you via messenger, txt, email etc, can you please tell us a little about what you have / use

    I access the Internet from (select all that apply)
    Home (wifi)School (wifi)Work (wifi)Public library (wifi)Mobile phone data

    Mobile Phone?


    Is there anything else you would like us to know?